Top 7 Best Desk Stools | 2021 Reviews (Boss Office)

Using the best desk stool goes a long way in ensuring your comfort at the workplace. The right office stool gives you appropriate support to focus on the task throughout the day.

Conventional desk chairs may look comfortable with all those fancy designs and extra padding, but they are not the best for your posture, especially when sitting in the office for hours. Standard desk chairs invite you to lounge and slouch for hours, which will negatively affect your posture and health in the long run.

On the other hand, desk stools will force you to improve your posture. With the best desk stool, you can quickly improve your office-slouched body into a much healthier pose.

However, there is no single best desk stool for everyone. You need to consider some key aspects when buying one, like the height adjustments, ample cushioning, and ergonomic design.

This article will guide you through buying the best desk stool for your desk at home or the office. But if you don’t have the time to read the entire review and buying guide, here’s a summary of our best picks for desk stools.

Top 7 Best Desk Stools Reviewed

  1. Boss Office Be Well Office Stool – Best Overall
  2. AmazonBasics Multi-Purpose Adjustable Bar Stool – Best for Budget
  3. Hon Volt Task Leather Office Stool – Editor’s Choice
  4. Amolife Multi-Purpose Drafting Swivel Stool
  5. Seville Classics Airlift 360 Sit-Stand Active Desk Stool
  6. Learniture Adjustable Active Learning Stool
  7. Master Massage Ergonomic Swivel Saddle Stool

#1. Boss Office Be Well Office Stool – Best Overall

Boss Office Be Well Office Stool

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  • Seat height – 20.5 to 26.5 inches
  • Weight capacity – 250 pounds
  • Five-star heavy-duty chrome base
  • Dual caster wheels

Many key factors let the best desk stool stand out from the rest. That includes the support it provides, weight capacity, ergonomics, height adjustability, proper cushioning, and overall quality design. If you want each feature that makes the best office stool, the Be Well Office Stool from Boss Office is our top pick for many incredible reasons.

This office stool is one of the most comfortable ones that you can find, with a compact design that is both functional and stylish. It features a quietly operating pneumatic lift that offers 6-inches adjustment for custom height, perfect for sitting and standing positions.

This desk stool’s versatility doesn’t end there, because it comes equipped with robust dual-caster wheels attached in a five-star base for a sturdier build. The material and construction are heavy-duty, giving you a well-supported stool that doesn’t have the “tipping” feeling you get in low-quality office chairs.

The wheels are also smooth gliding that helps prevent back pain and promote productivity in the workspace. There’s also a removable foot ring to provide extra support and comfort, especially when you’re sitting nonstop for hours.

Lastly, the best desk stool should also be comfortable. Fortunately, this desk tool is all about making you more productive with its amply padded cushion. The vinyl seating has enough cushion that keeps you cozy even after hours. Meanwhile, the padded back cushion features an ergonomic design shaped like the spine for the best back support.

This desk stool is sturdy enough to hold up to 250 pounds of weight, suitable for most average-sized adults.

Steady and sturdy with no “tipping” feelingNot suitable for all-day sitting
Comfortable cushion in vinyl seating
Six adjustable seat height range
Ships ready to assemble
Ergonomic design

#2. AmazonBasics Multi-Purpose Adjustable Bar Stool – Best for Budget

AmazonBasics Multi-Purpose Adjustable Bar Stool

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  • Seat height – 30.3 to 36.2 inches
  • Weight capacity – 250 pounds
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Heavy-duty chrome base
  • With supportive back cushion

AmazonBasics is home to many simple yet functional home and office essentials. True to its brand name, this multi-purpose adjustable bar stool is perfect if you want a basic but highly functional stool that is also affordably priced.

This model fulfills every ergonomic design feature checklist for the best desk stool. For one, it’s the cheapest office stool if you want something with a backrest. While this unit has a somewhat minimalist design, the manufacturer ensured that this stool comes with premium quality. The seat and the backrest have thick cushioning and bonded leather upholstery that offers a comfortable and smooth feel. There’s also an option to take the backrest off if you want.

This stool doesn’t have armrests, but that isn’t a downside. Instead, it gives you various unobstructed movement while seated, especially with the 360-degrees swivel feature. Besides that, this office stool also supports up to six inches of height adjustment, versatile enough to use while sitting or standing. However, the 30.3 inches base height may be too high for some people, although it’s ideal for use in taller workspaces.

If your feet are slightly sore and stiff after hours on the chair, the sturdy footrest gives you an option for a more comfortable sitting position. Plus, the frame can easily sustain average-sized adults up to 250 pounds.

Overall, this desk stool model is a perfectly functional addition to a minimalist office. The price is also affordable, making it a huge steal for the features it offers.

Functional features at an affordable price tagNon-adjustable footrest
Well-padded and comfortable seat
Excellent to use for drafting
Ideal for tall workspaces
With footrest

#3. Hon Volt Task Leather Office Stool – Editor’s Choice

Hon Volt Task Leather Office Stool

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  • Seat height – 16 to 21 inches
  • Weight capacity – 250 pounds
  • SofThread leather seat
  • Five-star base
  • Contoured seat

There is no single desk chair that works the same for everyone, which is why getting the best desk stool with many adjustable features is your best option. Adjustability helps you get a custom style tailored to your comfort. After all, you would want to get comfortable sitting on your desk stool for hours.

If you want maximum comfort, this office leather stool from Hon would be a remarkable purchase. It has a clear height adjustment from 16 to 21 inches, fitted for most statures. It wouldn’t be the best desk stool if it’s not super comfy to sit on, and you wouldn’t be disappointed with this model. This office stool has enough padding cushioned inside the smooth leather upholstery that is ultra-soft and comfortable. The monochromatic black color also gives this stool and incredibly sophisticated look, a perfect fit for most workplace settings.

What’s even better is you can achieve that elegant sophistication at an affordable price tag. And besides the comfort, the soft bonded leather also comes with tailored stitching for reinforcement.

The well-padded backrest is also satisfactory and could accommodate most body types. The only downside is the backrest doesn’t come with adjustable tilt functionality. Meanwhile, you can customize the sturdy footrest height to fit your frame, a bonus that you don’t often see in many stool models.

For the price tag and its ergonomic adjustments, this desk stool brings tons of quality for its value. Plus, it’s sturdy enough to support up to 250 pounds of load.

Premium bonded leather look and feelNon-adjustable backrest
Excellent value for money
Ergonomic adjustments
Adjustable footrest
Sit and stand stool

#4. Amolife Multi-Purpose Drafting Swivel Stool – Best Cheap Swivel Stool

Amolife Multi-Purpose Drafting Swivel Stool

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  • Seat height – 18.1 to 22.8 inches
  • Weight capacity – 300 pounds
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • Faux leather upholstery
  • Waterproof

Desk stools aren’t the most affordable bunch. Most decent swivel stools for the office costs $100 or more. Fortunately, there are still a few incredible options for those on a limited budget. You don’t have to spend that much money to get a basic but highly functional and reliable desk stool.

If you want the best desk stool at the most affordable price possible, the multi-purpose drafting swivel tool from Amolife is your best bet. It only costs around half of most desk stools’ price but still offers incredible features and functionality.

First, let’s talk about the features that you won’t find in this desk stool. It doesn’t have backrest like most stools, and there’s no footrest either.

However, there are many advantageous features about this classic Scandinavian styled office stool. For one, it has a frosted and thickened five-star base fitted with sturdy wheel casters for your safety.

Besides the robust construction, this desk stool also looks stylish with its neutral and minimalistic design with convenient ergonomic features. The circular seat boasts an impressive wooden board layer topped with cushion and covered with shaped cotton and high-grade leather. The overall design is incredibly ergonomic that always makes you sit comfortably.

In terms of function, this desk stool will help boost your productivity. It has a 360-degrees swivel function. You can also adjust the height to your liking. Plus, it has a special waterproofing feature that makes it ideal for use in most settings, like the kitchen, coffee shops, or bars.

Classic and elegant Scandinavian styleToo sensitive wheels
Easy to clean faux leather upholstery
Comfortable thick padding
Most affordable swivel stool
Cozy for all-day sitting

#5. Seville Classics Airlift 360 Sit-Stand Active Desk Stool – Best Active Stool

Seville Classics Airlift 360 Sit-Stand Active Desk Stool

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  • Seat height – 20 to 28 inches
  • Weight capacity – 250 pounds
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • 10 degrees tilt
  • Alloy steel frame

Sitting on your chair for hours can be difficult and may lead to sore and stiff muscles. Fortunately, you can easily avoid that with the best desk stool. Staying active even while sitting down is what this Seville Classics Airlift Active Stool is all about. It’s an ergonomic balance stool that will keep you on your toes the entire day.

If you’re wanting to lose a few calories even while sitting down, this desk stool is the one for you. It has a 360-degrees rotation function and a 10-degrees tilt, keeping you moving to your core. If you want to try out active sitting, this stool is the best option. It can engage many muscles in your body, including your legs and back.

With all the turns and tilts you will do while sitting on this stool, it’s critical to have a sturdy base for support and stability. Thankfully, you can ease your mind with this stool’s non-slip bottom. There’s a rubberized sheet fitted at the bottom to keep the stool firmly on the ground for every wobble that it does.

However, that’s isn’t all that you can get from this active desk stool. It comes with a reflexive foam cushion that is strong and firm to provide maximum support and balance. The AirLift adjustment ring is also easy to use, shifting the 20 inches base height up to 28 inches.

The stool is ideal for most average-sized adults, designed to safely carry up to 250 pounds and accommodate up to six-feet tall users.

Backless rocking chair with tilt featureNo footrest
Designed to correct improper posture
Stable and non-slip alloy steel base
Best stool for active sitting
Sit/stand design

#6. Learniture Adjustable Active Learning Stool – Best for Lower Back Pain

Learniture Adjustable Active Learning Stool

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  • Seat height – 18.5 to 28 inches
  • Weight capacity – 265 pounds
  • Vinyl cushioning
  • Backless design
  • Curved base

Active sitting has tons of benefits besides helping you burn calories while sitting down. The constant wobble of the chair will keep you awake and focused for a more productive day. What’s even better is it keeps a lot of your muscles engaged, including your back. If you always experience stiff back muscles after hours of sitting on a traditional office chair, this adjustable stool from Learniture is perfect for you.

From an 18.5 base height, you can adjust it to fit what’s comfortable for you, at least up to 28 inches. A 10-inch height adjustment range is one of the most generous ones that you can find, making this model incredibly versatile to fit most statures. It also makes this desk stool a perfect option if you want to change from sitting to standing position frequently.

Moreover, the stool can support up to 265 pounds with ease, enough to accommodate average-sized adults.

If you’re going to wobble on your seat all day, you would at least want to sit on a comfortable cushion. Thankfully, Learniture fitted this active stool with a curved and well-padded base for your comfort. The vinyl upholstery isn’t stiff, but soft to feel and comfy, adding to the stool’s overall comfortability.

Despite having a sturdy design with a non-slip base, this desk stool is still lightweight. You can carry it around the office without breaking a sweat.

Curved base for a wide range of movement while sittingNo footrest
Wide seat construction for comfort
Best for easing lower back pain
Lightweight and non-slip base
Helps strengthen core

#7. Master Massage Ergonomic Swivel Saddle Stool – Best Stool for All-Day Use

Master Massage Ergonomic Swivel Saddle Stool

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  • Seat height – 20.5 to 27.5 inches
  • Weight capacity – 550 pounds
  • Hypoallergenic and waterproof upholstery
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Saddle seat design

Even the most comfortable chair wouldn’t be a good option for all-day use. Most of them lack the proper support to keep your body supported and are only good for several hours of use.

If you are looking for the most ergonomic chair that wouldn’t give you aches and pains after an entire day of sitting down, then this saddle stool from Master Massage is the one for you. The brand features a unique and exclusive multi-layer small-cell foam for cushioning. It’s denser than the typical foams used in most desk stools, making it more supportive and comfortable.

The construction of the padded seat is also unique. Instead of the foam glued on the sat base, it comes specially molded for better design and comfortability. The seat’s saddle design effectively eases the back pain that you experience after long sitting hours.

The seat also comes equipped with many desirable features, like its 360-degrees functionality. The seat’s PU upholstery is also durable and hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice for hospital or clinic-based offices. Plus, it’s water and oil-proof, making it easier to wipe and clean when dirty.

Another advantage of this swivel stool is its soft polyurethane wheels that roll like rollerblades. You don’t have to worry about the wheels damaging the tiles or scratching the beautiful hardwood floors. Overall, the features that this swivel stool boasts make it suitable for use in different settings and professions, especially with its 550 pounds capacity.

Exclusive multi-layer small-cell foam for comfortNo footrest
Unique seat design for reduced back pain
Hardwood safe soft polyurethane wheels
Stable and sturdy five-point base
Excellent upholstery

Best Desk Stool – Boss Office Be Well Office Stool

There are tons of benefits that you can get from the best desk stool. It gives you excellent back support while being aware of your posture and keep you alert and comfortable in the workplace.

And while there are many different styles, designs, and specs of desk stool today, the Be Well office stool from Boss Office is our best pick for many reasons. Firstly, it boasts an ergonomic design that copies the natural spinal shape, a specialized design to keep you focused and productive and comfortable.

The seat and backrest have incredible padding inside the durable Caressoft vinyl upholstery, giving it a sophisticated minimalist look. Plus, the vinyl fabric isn’t only attractive to look at as it is also easy to maintain or wipe off when dirty.

The 6-inch vertical height adjustment range is enough to cater to most people, allowing you to customize it to what feels comfortable to you. The pneumatic gas is also simple to use by pulling it up or down.

One of the downsides of cheap rolling stools is the subpar wheels that easily get stuck. Fortunately, that wouldn’t be an issue with this Boss Office desk stool with its durable dual-caster wheels that moves with you. It glides on most surfaces quietly and smoothly, making you more productive than before.

Best Desk Stool Brands

Boss Office has been around since 1990 and grew to be a trusted office furniture manufacturer. The Los Angeles, California based brand started with importing chairs from Taiwan, but only after a year, it managed to be the first US chair brand to build a China-based manufacturing plant.

Today, Boss Office is now among the worldwide known manufacturers, whether you are looking for chairs, tables, and desks for your office or the hotel’s lobby. The brand also holds a MAS Green Certification that proves its dedication to providing the best earth-friendly furniture selections.

We like the office chairs and stool from Boss Office best because they are extremely functional yet stylish and sleek-looking. They create the best ergonomic chairs that don’t hurt the budget pf your back after hours of sitting.

Features to Look for When Buying the Best Desk Stool

If you want to level up your office setup, you might need to invest in an ergonomic desk stool. Unlike the traditional office chairs, a stool won’t let you slouch. Instead, it will help you develop a healthier pose and ease stiff back muscles.

If you are interested in working in a healthier and more comfortable working environment, check out these key features to consider when buying the best desk stool.

1. Durability

For any furniture, it’s necessary to check its durability first and foremost. Ideally, you want a desk stool made from heavy-duty materials. A strong metal base goes a long way to ensure a robust stool base. Also, a 5-star base will provide maximum stability while you rock and glide around the workplace.

Also, the quality of the wheels attached to the base matters. If you have tile or hardwood floors, you can choose soft wheels that won’t damage or scratch them.

2. Comfortable Seat

One of the primary things you should look for in a desk stool, or any chair, is how comfortable the seat is. After all, you would most likely be sitting on the stool for hours, and ideally, you want to be as comfortable as possible.

Desk stool comfort will usually depend on the amount and shape of the seat cushion. Thick and well-padded seats go a long way to keep you comfy. Plus, contoured design also provides much better support and prevents your muscles from getting stiff.

If you are buying the best desk stool, ensure that it provides ample support to your upper and lower back.

3. Adjustability

There is no single desk stool that could cater to everyone. Hence, you need to look for the best desk stool that offers a wide range of adjustability options to give you the most comfortable sitting position.

Among the things you need to look for are the 260 degrees swivel rotation and the height adjustability.

4. Seat Backrest

In terms of backrests, you have options when looking for the best desk stool. You can opt-out of a backrest or get a stool with one.

Desk stools with backrests are ideal when drafting or when you back hurt or get tired easily. A backrest will give you extra support to stay upright. Meanwhile, chairs sans backrests will force you to stay upright.

Choosing between a desk tool with and without a backrest will depend on your reference. However, when you do get a stool with a backrest, ensure that it also comes with enough padding and great shape or contour. Also, some backrests have fixed tilts, while others are adjustable, so choose as you wish.

5. Footrest

If you’ve tried sitting on a high office chair that makes your feet dangle, you know how uncomfortable it can be after hours. It is why a footrest would make an incredible feature to have on a stool. It keeps the pressure out from your feet, putting it on your inner thighs instead, where it should be when seated.

6. Armrests

Armrests aren’t necessary for a desk chair, but it can be a convenient addition for some profession or work. If you spend hours drafting or typing on your computer, an armrest will provide extra support to avoid stiff arms. Meanwhile, if you are doing works that involve working on charts or other physical objects, an armrest can sometimes only get in your way.

7. Ergonomics Support and Comfort

The ergonomic support available in a desk stool will always affect comfortability. Firstly, look at the padding. It should have sufficient cushion to support the body and not feel like you are sitting on the hard wooden base.

Next, check out the covering or upholstery if it feels comfortable and soft. Faux leather looks elegant for this but easily wears out when used frequently. If you want the best upholstery for longer sitting hours, mesh fabrics will work best.


There are many key considerations when buying the best desk stool. It is necessary to find one that can provide the most support and comfort for long sitting periods. Firstly, it should offer a decent height adjustability range and can support at least an average-sized adult. Also, having 360 degrees swivel rotation is essential for flexibility in moving around the workplace. Ergonomics is also a key consideration for the best desk stool to help support a healthier posture and boost your focus while at work.

With these key factors to consider, our top pick for the job is the adjustable stool from Boss Office. It has the best ergonomic design with comfortable vinyl upholstery and ample cushioning. It also allows up to six inches of height adjustment and supports up to 250 pounds of weight. It keeps the spine well-supported, and that makes it a winner for the best desk stool for us.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to use a stool than standard office chairs?

Sitting on desk stools have many benefits, like improved blood circulation, especially in your lower legs. It also gives you a range of motion that isn’t possible when seated on a traditional desk chair.

What does ergonomic means in desk stools?

Ergonomics in desk stools forces you to mind your posture, preventing you from slouching. It promotes proper alignment of your body, from your hips to your spine and shoulders.

Is a tilt functionality important in a desk stool?

It’s not a requirement, but the tilt function will give you a fantastic break from sitting upright for long periods.

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