Top 12 Best Ergonomic Drafting Chairs | 2021 Reviews

How old were you when you found out that a drafting chair is what you needed all these years at the office? If you are today years old, you have hit the perfect webpage on the internet. For in this discussion, we talk about nothing but drafting chairs.

We will discuss some of the best ergonomic drafting chairs in the market, talk a bit about features of the best drafting chairs in the market and then answer some of the queries that boggle the mind of novices in this field.

A drafting chair is typically higher than the usual office chairs we are accustomed to. Comfort guaranteed, these are always in demand these days! But which drafting chairs are the best in the business? First, let us have an overview.

Top 12 Best Ergonomic Drafting Chairs Reviewed

  1. Flash furniture drafting chair – Best Overall
  2. Boss Office Products Ergonomic Works Drafting Chair – Best for Budget
  3. Drafting Chair Tall Office Chair for Standing Desk – Best Premium Pick
  4. Modway Edge Drafting Chair - Reception Desk Chair - Flip-Up Arm Drafting Chair
  5. Office Star Deluxe Vinyl Seat and Mesh Back Drafting Chair
  6. Devoko Drafting Chair Tall Office Chair with Flip-up Armrests
  7. SMUGCHAIR Store- Drafting Chair Tall Office Chair for Standing Desk
  8. Best Office Store Drafting Chair
  9. Poly and Bark Tremaine Drafting Chair
  10. KKTONER Swivel Round Rolling Stool PU Leather
  11. Ergonomic Mid-Back Mesh Adjustable Drafting Chair
  12. QOROOS Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

It is time to discuss these fantastic drafting chairs in detail! Are you excited?

1. Flash furniture drafting chair – Best Overall

Flash-furniture drafting chair

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Best overall, that’s a bit of an exaggeration surely? Yes, we know what is going through your mind. But hey, give us a chance to back up our claim? This is a drafting chair that will serve you equally well, whether you use it for your remote workplace or as the main furniture in your office.

The ergonomic design of this chair is well backed up by the incredibly comfortable seating. The engineer did a bit of their hocus-pocus and ended up with a chair that provides excellent lumbar security and support.

The waterfall edge is added in the design so that maximum pressure can be relieved, a feature that sounds even cooler when you see it coupled with a 360-degree swivel! But that’s not all which makes this drafting chair an awesome choice for your office.

For instance, do you know what a tilt lever is and that this elegant chair comes with one? Well, you can push in a tile lever to lock the chair in an upright position and reverse the effect by opposite action. A cool feature to have in your chair, don’t you agree?

But we see that you still have some reservations over the best overall tag. Well, let us give you some more reasons to fall for this beauty in the pros section! Oh, and for the sake of the fair game, we have discussed a few cons as well!

Wheel casters which allow maximal movement in all directionsCould have done with adjustability in arms of this drafting chair
Excellent use of technology to improve your blood flowSqueaks a bit, when dragged around a bit.
Breathable since it is ventilated in a super smart way.
Tilt levers, which we have discussed already

2. Boss Office Products Ergonomic Works Drafting Chair – Best for Budget

Boss Office Products Ergonomic Works Drafting Chair

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Let us make something clear at the very beginning of this discussion. This is a list of ergonomic drafting chairs, which has been compiled while keeping all the considerations in the mind.

Your budget decides ultimately which drafting chair you will buy. Hence, we had to expand the scope of our research to find the best deal for an average price in the market. You are welcome! But hey, don’t think for a moment that this means a compromise on the quality of the chair.

No sir, the product under discussion is a top-notch one. So many things to like about the Boss-Office drafting chair! There are four shades in which this fascinating piece of furniture is available. These include black, burgundy, blue, and gray. But there is more to this chair than what meets the eye.

There are three varieties in which this chair is available. These include the adjustable arms, loop arms, and the one with no arms. Coming to the design of this chair, here is a drafting chair with a contoured back that will allow you to power through a hectic day with no strain on your spine.

The fact that it is a sturdy piece of furniture which can support up to 270 lbs. is a significant one as well. Some competitors can’t bear that much burden! More about this cool drafting chair in the pros and cons section!

You can practically wave your arms in every direction while sitting on this chair- free movementLimited height adjustability
Rolls 360 degrees without any fussDurability is uncertain
Stability courtesy a firm base
Effective lumbar support

3. Drafting Chair Tall Office Chair for Standing Desk – Best Premium Pick

Drafting Chair Tall Office Chair for Standing Desk

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This is yet another fine addition to our list of best ergonomic drafting chairs. The reason why this chair finds a place on the list is not one, but several. Let us start with the breathability that this fine drafting chair offers.

This is mainly because of the mesh back that allows air to circulate properly. Some of the drafting office chairs that you will come across in the market don’t pay much attention to this feature.

This then leads to sweat chaos! Keeping you refreshed is not the only and most distinguishable feature of this chair though. Office work isn’t a one hour deal. In some cases, some of you have been spending as much as 10 hours sitting behind the desk! It follows logically that you need a chair that doesn’t crack up your lumbar region and keeps your spine safe from strain.

Swiveling at 360 degrees with portability as one of its key features, we find no reasons to hesitate in recommending this terrific piece of furniture as a premium pick for your office. We also love the fact of how this drafting chair supports a little more weight than some of the other chairs in the same league. Folks, the office chair under discussion can support as much as 300 pounds! Guided instruction manuals make this piece of furniture an even more favorable choice.

But we see that you need more reasons to be convinced, let us jump to the pros and cons section for those!

The height adjustability feature is present, which adds more to value.Price a bit on the higher end of the spectrum
Swivels everywhere in the park without any frictionSuits taller people more
Stable base courtesy the five-branch base
Foot rings, comfortable armrests

4. Modway Edge Drafting Chair - Reception Desk Chair - Flip-Up Arm Drafting Chair

Modway Edge Drafting Chair - Reception Desk Chair

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There are three shades in which this very chic looking drafting chair is available. These are black, brown, and gray. All these three colors, in our point of view, will go well with most of the work environments.

But then again, looks shouldn’t be the criterion based on which you should be buying a drafting chair. Paying attention to features like frame material is more important. In this case, alloy steel is used in manufacturing and engineering. Hence, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that this chair will be your companion for a long time, thanks to the sturdiness of alloy steel. The cool bit about this drafting chair is that it is multipurpose.

You can compose a melody or do complex equations while sitting on this chair, your spine will not feel a thing! You shouldn’t be surprised to see this drafting chair at reception either. Like we said earlier, this hydraulic drafting chair fits more scenario descriptions than you can guess.

For a standing desk of average size and height, you couldn’t ask for a better match. Oh, and yes, all the ergonomic features which define the characteristic look of any quality drafting chair are found in the  Modway Edge drafting chair as well.

The chair rolls 360 degrees, thanks to caster wheels it comes withA few concerns on the durability have been raised by a few customers
Greater adjustability range-height wiseInstallation and assembly harder than normal
Secure and stable base
Comfortable armrests

5. Office Star Deluxe Vinyl Seat and Mesh Back Drafting Chair

Office Star Deluxe Vinyl Seat and Mesh Back Drafting Chair

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Brace yourselves for some more style and elegance as we introduce the fifth ergonomic drafting chair in our list of top picks in this category. But before we jump into the details of the main specs of this piece of furniture, can we just take a moment to admire the variety that has become associated with the Office Star Deluxe drafting chair?

There are two styles in which this chair is available i.e. fabric and vinyl. Then, there are three different patterns in which this chair is available. Couple this variety with the metal frame of this multicolor drafting chair, and you have got yourself quite a remarkable piece of furniture to sit on.

The heavy-duty nylon base is a characteristic feature of this deluxe seat, something that separates it from the average, flimsy products which flood the market. The pneumatic height adjustment range lies between 24-34”, roughly speaking.

This and the foot ring feature simply seal the deal in our opinion. An excellent choice for those who have to spend hours sitting behind a desktop or a laptop all day long, and who fear for their backs!

Breathable because of mesh and hence, proper ventilationWe wish the engineers who designed this drafting chair were more cognizant of the fact that the large knob featured doesn’t adjust and fit well
A great choice from a financial perspective as wellTilts a bit when the weight limit is breached
Rolls without a squeak
Stable base

6. Devoko Drafting Chair Tall Office Chair with Flip-up Armrests

Devoko Drafting Chair Tall Office Chair with Flip-up Armrests

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What do you think, isn’t our list just getting better with each number passing? Anyhow, here is number six, and oh my! A stunning piece of furniture, if we may say so! This reminds us of the fact that sometimes, a combination of modernity and simplicity can do wonders.

The metal frame chair from Devoko is a blend of classic values and modern ethics. The chair comes with a wider range of height adjustment, a feature that is astonishingly missing in some of the top-notch chairs in the market.

You can adjust the height between 10 inches, which is way more than impressive in our opinion. Then, we also feel that the chair is quite sturdy. It is reported to have an ability to bear as much weight as280 pounds. And despite this weight-bearing capacity, it turns and swivels like any other efficient drafting chair in the market.

We are sure that you don’t want us to launch into boring details as to how ergonomic this chair is. You should be able to tell by now, which features and their presence giving an ergonomic touch to a drafting office chair.

Anyhow, is there anything else special about this chair? Well, we haven’t seen many drafting chairs feature lockable wheels. This is a feature that allows you to lock or loosen your chair’s wheels, and hence, adding more value to this chair.

Craving to know more about this chair? Let us head to the pros and cons section for that!

Modern and elegant designArmrests could have been positioned a little higher
Well padded seatWe also have reservations about the seat stability
Breathable mesh
Easy to set up

7. SMUGCHAIR Store- Drafting Chair Tall Office Chair for Standing Desk

SMUGCHAIR Store- Drafting Chair Tall Office Chair for Standing Desk

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You must be finding it hard to convince yourself which drafting chair is the best one among the ones we have discussed already! But have a look at this elegant piece of furniture before you make up your mind and make the final call.

We mean to say, have a look at this dark black, 25.35 pounds chair that has held everyone captive in the market! We could tell you how breathable it is, or that the mesh features premium style and design. Instead, we want to highlight the features which are characteristic of this chair only.

For example, the chair comes with soft PU cushioned casters, something which ensures that your floor isn’t damaged when you drag the chair all around the room. (On a serious note, we can’t imagine why you would be doing that!).

Other illuminating features of this drafting chair include full swivel at 360 degrees and maximum lumbar support for your spinal region. But of course, you would want to know about the pros and cons, right?

Branched-base which adds more to the stability of the chairLower than normal armrests
Rotates smoothly without any noiseShrinkable cushions
Adjustable height
Well ventilated

8. Best Office Store Drafting Chair

Best Office Store Drafting Chair

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Again, a chair with so many things to like about. But the feature that struck as most brilliant was this chair’s heavily cushioned backseat. Sitting on a chair all day long in front of a computer screen is one thing. But sitting comfortably?

A different story altogether! Put this comfortable backseat and the adjustable footrest in perspective together, and you have got a fabulous piece of furniture. You can compose melodies or work numbers while sitting on this baby, all day long!

Apart from the presence of usual elements of lumbar support and maximum mobility, the Best Office drafting chair also features excellent quality since it is a BIFIMA certified piece of furniture.

More dirt on this chair in the pros and cons section!

Wide range of adjustability with regards to heightCan’t lock the position you are in
Comfortable cushioning-thicker than normalUncomfortable armrests
Innovative and creative design
Easy to set up

9. Poly and Bark Tremaine Drafting Chair

Poly and Bark Tremaine Drafting Chair

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There are two shades in which this drafting chair is available, these are white and black. But that is hardly the most distinguishing feature of this piece of furniture. No, what we loved the most about this chair was the fact that it features vegan leather upholstery.

Now that is something new! Also, how many chairs can you recall with absolute surety that were chrome plated? Tell you what, these two features reflect comfort and endurance, making a combination that you will be challenged hard to find in the colossal market of drafting office chairs. Adjustable footrests, padded arms, and stable base.

All of these features add more to the value of this fabulous chair!

Multipurpose- can be used at home, work, or at a receptionLeather could have been a bit thicker
Modernity reflected in the designOut of stock mostly
Easy installationFixed armrests

10. KKTONER Swivel Round Rolling Stool PU Leather

KKTONER Swivel Round Rolling Stool PU Leather

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Have you noticed something? We are moving towards the end slowly, but there is no dip in the quality. This statement gets validated when you look at the number ten on this list. This is yet another great piece of furniture that can become a great addition to your workplace setup.

Available in shades of black, this drafting chair features a contemporary style that you are bound to like and love. Despite its elegant looks, the chair is a sturdy one as it can support up to 300 pounds without any hustle.

A look at the premium quality faux leather used in the manufacturing of this drafting chair hints at nothing but an extraordinary level of comfort that you can expect from sitting on this chair all day long!

There is always more to know, and for that, let us jump to the pros and cons section!

Denser backrest, which is more comfortable than a thin versionNarrow base, hence stability is an issue
A three hundred and sixty degrees rotational capacityComplicated installation guidelines
Comfortable cushion
Elegant design

11. Ergonomic Mid-Back Mesh Adjustable Drafting Chair

Ergonomic Mid-Back Mesh Adjustable Drafting Chair

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What are four iconic elements that can counter Avatar’s legendary powers of fire, air, earth, and water? Nylon, wood, steel, and mesh used in designing and engineering of this drafting office chair! Quite a magnificent piece of furniture to have in your home, or at your office!

The chrome-plated frame, which gives one a hint about sturdiness, and the Victorian style which always adds more to the aura are perhaps, the most illuminating features of this drafting chair.

We would also like to mention here the height adjustment range, which is between 22.25-30”. It was important to mention this since some top quality chairs come with a very narrow range of adjustability. After all, gas-lift has its advantages! And as we mention it in the pros as well, it is very easy to set up this drafting chair.

All it needs are 20 m-30 minutes of complete focus and attention from your side!

Can support more weight than the average drafting chairs in the marketRough fabric might cause skin allergy
No noise, no squeak when this chair is moved aroundThis drafting chair doesn’t recline
One-year warranty on offer
Super easy to set up

12. QOROOS Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

QOROOS Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

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This is a multipurpose chair. We don’t need to explain the multipurpose-ness of a drafting chair again, right? The chair comes with flip-up armrests, which is a very nice feature in our point of view.

Another great spec is the rocking mechanism that this chair features, the tilt-tension adjustment knob makes sure that things never get out of your control. Height adjustability, 360-swivel, and a nylon base are other key features of the QOROOS Mid Back Mesh Office Chair. But of course, that is not all.

There are other features as well which we would have loved to talk about in detail. But because of the limitations of time and space, we will be discussing them briefly only. Find these features in the pros section!

Ergonomic design, which was a prerequisite for all the drafting chairs that made it to this list.Should be redesigned to support more weight than it does currently
Comfortable cushioningCould have done with a bit wider base
High-density mesh
Easy installation

Top Pick

You already know the answer to this one, don’t you? The flash-furniture drafting chair has got to be the best of the lot. We already gave you a detailed overview of the chair, so we will refrain from reiterating the product specifications.

However, we must tell you that the sole reason why this particular chair got our vote of confidence. And it is the water-fall edge! No better way of relieving pressure from your spinal area after a long and hectic day!

Features to Look for in a Drafting Chair

Wow, that was quite a list of drafting chairs, don’t you think so? Anyhow, now, let us turn our attention to an equally important and pressing issue. We still have to highlight and recap, the main features which you must search for when you shop for a piece of furniture of this nature.

We understand that you are already feeling a bit tired. We say take a break, have a pina colada, and then look at these essential traits YOU MUST SEARCH FOR in a drafting office chair!

1. Height

We cannot stress enough on the importance of height adjustability when it comes down to chairs of this nature. Range in which you can adjust the chair height matters, as do the associated levers through which you pull up or press down. No friction is acceptable in levers!

2. Footrest

It is the chair that is supposed to swivel, not you! To keep you from swiveling and swaying about, a footrest must be found installed in your ergonomic drafting chair.

3. Armrests

Armrests are an important feature of your comfortable chair. Two important things to look for in this regard. One, are they detachable? The drafting office chairs that come with detachable armrests can cost you an arm and a leg, so be mindful of that.

Second, are your armrests fully padded? This is a much more essential trait to look for and we would advise you to make no compromises on it.

4. Lumbar support

The main reason why you are buying an ergonomic drafting chair in the first place is that you are tired of back fatigue and constant spinal stress. Hence, it would be ridiculous to say the least, if you are not mindful of this trait when looking for a drafting chair for your office or home!

5. Wheel casters

Do you want to spend your money on a chair that causes considerable damage to your floor when you move and roll it about? Of course not! Therefore, we would advise you to select a drafting chair that comes with dual-wheel casters, coated with materials like PU leather.

Best Brands

A brief look at the best brands in the business will not go amiss, what do you think?

1. Flash Furniture

We are beginning to sound a little biassed in the favor of Flash-furniture products! But it is what it is! We find no reason not to nominate this particular brand as the best in the business. It has got all the bases covered from an ergonomic perspective, and the chairs are versatile, to say the least.

2. Office Star

Office Star drafting chairs are a popular sight in offices all across the world. And the reasons for the success of their products are very simple. Durable, comfortable, and economical!

3. Boss Office

This is a brand that is famous for quality chairs that are well within your reach. Needless to say, it is your wallet that decides ultimately what you will buy. But if an economical chair, that is ergonomically correct as well, reflects modernity, you shouldn’t hesitate in purchasing it straight away!


Well, folks, that would be all from this discussion. We know there are some finer points still left undiscussed, but the limitations of time and space force us to wrap up the debate here. Nevertheless, we are confident that we have given you ammunition to start firing on your own. Ask the right questions at the market, choosing the right chair that offers value for your money and we can assure you that you will be fine! Before we sign off, we have listed some of the frequently asked questions about drafting chairs. Make sure you read these, some of the unaddressed questions might get addressed in the FAQ section.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Which feature determines how much weight can a drafting chair support?

Base. If your chair has a branched base, it is likely to support a greater burden.

What is the average seat height range for a drafting chair?

22-30”But please note that this is just an average. The actual numbers can vary a lot. Your pick might have different numbers altogether.

Which headrest is better?

It is subjective, but we would always prefer a cushioned headset over a firm leather headrest that can cause neck stiffness.

Which drafting chair should I prefer?

Well, if you are asking from a structural point of view, we would advise you to for a metallic body drafting chair. These are bound to be your companion for a longer period.

Are installation guidelines delivered with drafting chair packages?

Yes, and in most cases, these are easy to follow and quite user friendly.

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