Top 12 Best Ergonomic Keyboard Trays | 2021 Reviews

In the 21st century, the key to success lies in the keyboard. It is as simple as that. If you are one of those who have to spend 8 hours sitting in front of a computer screen, typing all day long, you will agree with our opinion that a decent typing posture influences creativity and imagination in a most underrated but astonishing manner.

Long sentence, let that sink in! And it is true, just not for workplaces, but for gamers and other tech-freaks as well. If it was not for keyboard trays, we cannot imagine how difficult it would have been to cut out the fatigue that can disrupt the creative thought process.

If you are looking for such a keyboard tray that can minimize the wrist fatigue you feel during typing, you are at just the page you need to be on. For in this discussion, we talk about some of the best ergonomic keyboard trays!

Of course, there are many products that the market is saturated with. But we were selective, and chose only the following best for your eye!

Top 12 Best Ergonomic Keyboard Trays Reviewed

  1. 3M AKT60LE Keyboard Tray – Best Overall
  2. Stand Up Adjustable Keyboard Tray – Best for Budget
  3. ErgoActive Extra Wide Under Desk Keyboard Tray with Clamp – Best Premium Pick
  4. Fellowes Office Suites Under-desk Keyboard Drawer
  5. Kensington Under-desk Comfort Keyboard Drawer with SmartFit System
  6. CARTMAY Adjustable Keyboard Tray Ergonomic Design
  7. VIVO Adjustable Computer Keyboard Tray
  8. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Fully Adjustable Keyboard Tray
  9. Keyboard Tray BY Mount-It
  10. Bush Business Keyboard Tray
  11. Stand Steady Clamp On Keyboard Tray
  12. VIVO Large Keyboard Tray

Now, let us have a closer look at these products, one by one!

1. 3M AKT60LE Keyboard Tray – Best Overall

3M AKT60LE Keyboard Tray

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Let us kickstart this discussion with a product that according to us is the best of the lot! Wait, it doesn’t mean that the rest of the products we plan to discuss in this article are any lesser in terms of quality.

It is just that we found this one to have the best of specs when it comes down to keyboard trays. And what specifications that might be? Hmmm, let us explain. Well, firstly, we loved the idea of installing a knob that allows one to adjust the height.

This will allow the user to type from a comfortable hand height. Then, the minds at 3M were mindful of the jerky bounce that typists and gamers experience when hitting the board in full swing.

Hence, a wooden platform that counters this bounce by its sturdy natures is installed for this very purpose. The platform can be turned around at an angle, which is a very nice feature that is missing from many top-notch products in the market.

Of course, there is more to know about this elegant looking keyboard tray. Let us jump to the pros and cons section for that.

No complicated installation protocolsYou will need screws for installation and they don’t come with the package!
Gel-wrist rest for ease of use
Sturdy frame

2. Stand Up Adjustable Keyboard Tray – Best for Budget

Stand Up Adjustable Keyboard Tray

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This keyboard tray is available in two sizes i.e. small and large. But that is not the most distinguishing feature of this product. It is its affordability that stunned us. Same quality for a price that many refuse to believe.

This is the reason why this keyboard tray goes under the best budget category without an iota of doubt in our mind. But there are other reasons than the economical nature of this keyboard tray which makes it such a popular product.

For example, take the flexibility of this keyboard tray into account. Since it is available in both sizes, you can use this keyboard tray for both standing and sitting desks. Something that you are not likely to find in many other top competitors in the market.

Also, here is a keyboard tray that can increase your workspace area. Who wouldn’t want that? Most work desks are a mess due to an abundance of work-related items anyway. Be nice to add a spacious touch to your workspace, don’t you think so?

Easy installation that requires no toolsA little too wide for the liking of some people
Elegant looking keyboard traySlides with a bit of friction
Clamp-on design

3. ErgoActive Extra Wide Under Desk Keyboard Tray with Clamp – Best Premium Pick

ErgoActive Extra Wide Under Desk Keyboard Tray with Clamp - On Easy Installation

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We must make something clear here. The reason why we are not mentioning the ergonomic nature of every keyboard tray is that this is a feature common in all of the products that we will discuss here.

What is the point reiterating something so obvious and boring you? Now, what makes this keyboard tray under discussion a premium choice? Quite several factors. How about its durable metal body? Or the fact that it comes with a smooth and sliding design, something that you must seek desperately when it comes to keyboard trays.

Like the previously discussed keyboard tray, this one also comes with a much wider and spacious design. But the feature that we love the most about this keyboard tray is its beveled front, something that we found immensely comfortable!

The height adjustability feature seals the deal in our opinion but there are a few more pros that you might want to check, discussed in the next section.

An elevated rail to keep items intact, and from falling.The front might feel a bit more jerky at first than it is actually.
Easy assembly and installationPads have been reported to detach from clamps.

4. Fellowes Office Suites Under-desk Keyboard Drawer

Fellowes Office Suites Under-desk Keyboard Drawer

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Again, this is yet another economical addition to our list of best ergonomic keyboards. But the low price serves as a deception sometimes. People think that quality has been compromised. To remove any such doubts from your mind about this fine product, we decided to highlight its key features.

You be the judge of quality! Firstly, there aren’t many keyboard trays out there, which offer as much customized height adjustability as the one under discussion. There are three height adjustments available for you to choose from. Then, the glide track length is also longer than the normal number featured in the market.

In this case, it hovers between 10-10.5 inches. Sturdiness is an essential feature of a quality product but the way this keyboard tray responds to forceful impact is laudable. Quite a designing marvel! Sometimes, finding the ideal keyboard tray can become a bit hectic since keyboard trays don’t fit all keyboard sizes.

However, if you can find one that fits most keyboards like the Fellowes Office Keyboard Tray, you have hit the lottery! More about this product in the pros and cons section do read that closely. Then, you can make the final call whether you want to purchase it or not!

Available in two colors i.e. black and silverThe front edge sticks out a bit
Maximal height customization on offerThe mouse tray is a bit flimsy
A product made of recycled material
Elegant design

5. Kensington Under-desk Comfort Keyboard Drawer with SmartFit System

Kensington Under-desk Comfort Keyboard Drawer with SmartFit System

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Our list will keep getting better as it goes on, we will make it tough for you to choose one product! We are kidding though, you might as well settle for this particular keyboard tray that we are about to discuss. We mean to say, this is a thing of beauty! So much like this tray.

Let us start with the fact that this keyboard tray is 26 inches wide, a feature that gives you a lot of space to play around. Then, the product comes with a mouse pad and a wrist rest. Both of these accessories can come in handy when it comes down to improving the ergonomic factor of your work position.

Then, there are three adjustments through which you can settle for the height that you think is most suitable for you. So, with its variations and variety, the Kensington keyboard tray is certainly a product you should be noted down in your notebook.

Of course, we have got more to tempt you with. To keep things simple, we have bulleted a few features of this article in the pros section.

Available in two colors i.e. grey and blackNot enough screws provided by the company for installation and set up
Comes with a SmartFit systemTacky display of brand name at the front
Topped with memory foam
Allows optimal posture

6. CARTMAY Adjustable Keyboard Tray Ergonomic Design

CARTMAY Adjustable Keyboard Tray Ergonomic Design

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Unevenness is a common issue when it comes down to keyboard trays. Not just keyboard trays, if you are installing anything that has a close resemblance with an under desk drawer, you will face this problem. What is the solution, you must ask?

Well, the no-cross beam design that you will find in this fine keyboard tray from CARTMAY is just what the doctor ordered. It resolves more than one manual installation problems associated with keyboard tray installation.

Then, the height can be adjusted to levels way more than the normal, which is yet another reason why this fancy keyboard tray should be in your checkout list. Swivel is an important feature of a quality keyboard tray.

We are glad to see that the manufacturers were mindful of this 360-degree feature as well. Rotate without worrying! If you are hitting the keys all day long, you need something which supports your arms rather than hurting them. The tray features phenolic resin, which serves the purpose very nicely!

Ah, the pros and the cons for you before you make up your mind!

Elegant appearance in black shadesOut of the stock mostly, so you will need to book your order fast.
Pads are comfortableHeavier than normal keyboard trays
Fair price

7. VIVO Adjustable Computer Keyboard Tray

VIVO Adjustable Computer Keyboard Tray

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VIVO is a world-class brand, the company products are quite famous and trusted worldwide. Keyboard trays are a specialty of this brand and we would love you to try the feel of this one under discussion.

Let us recap the key specs that make this product an awesome choice. This under table desk drawer comes with deluxe padding, something that can be removed with utmost ease and comfort when not needed.

Then, the tilting mechanism of this computer keyboard tray makes sure that you are not countered by an awkward typing position. The fact that you can turn it to any angle, the position of your liking adds more to the value of this awesome keyboard tray.

By no means, the height adjustment and customization features of this product are any inferior to its competitors. All in all, this is a product for peeps with fine taste! Are you one of those? If yes, then the following pros will make this product even more fascinating to you!

Tools for assembly are delivered with the packageThe height adjustment knob position needs to reconsidered
Three years warrantyNarrow
Deluxe appearance
Easy assembly

8. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Fully Adjustable Keyboard Tray

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Fully Adjustable Keyboard Tray

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The keyboard trays which we have discussed so far are suitable for work desks mostly. However, now, let us talk about a tray that is designed mainly for the convenience of gamers. Yes, if you are big into gaming or a professional E-gamer, here is a keyboard tray that you are bound to love.

The design and accessibility are ideal for a gamer of any level. We all know that gaming is not about staying fixed to your position. With high rush adrenaline moments in mind, the designers have customized the adjustability and flexibility of this keyboard tray to a maximum.

The tray can swivel at 360 around, is retractable and of course, features height customization. Then there is a wrist rest to minimize the fatigue a gamer feels from hitting the keys in a repeated manner.

The ease with which this keyboard tray attaches to any desktop is also praiseworthy. Goes well with most of the materials, we can tell you that much, although you might want to think about something else if your work surface is stone or glass.

Get to know this product better in the pros and cons section.

Goes well with most of the gaming desksNo ball bearings attached to metal rails.
30 days money-back guaranteeNo adjustment locks
Excellent customer service
Secure and sturdy

9. Keyboard Tray BY Mount-It

Keyboard Tray BY Mount-It

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At this point in the discussion, you should be able to name the most promising features of a quality keyboard tray, all by yourself. Don’t worry, we are not testing you! Anyhow, coming to this fascinating product by Mount-it, well it has plenty of specs that you are sure to like.

For instance, how about the size of this keyboard tray? Here is a dish that will contain a variety of volumes! Small to large, it all fits in the Mount-It keyboard tray. Then, you don’t have to worry about the installation protocols too much.

It fits well under the desk, needs no special tools, and swivels all around the desk! Need something more to convince you? Not one, but two wrist pads that come with this keyboard ensure that you don’t feel a lot of pain and stress while hitting the keys all day long! And now for pros and cons, since there is always more to know!

Modern, elegant design that looks good on the desk.You will have to hurry up if you want to place an order. The product is always in demand, and hence out of stock.
An anti-fatigue mat that seals the deal!The mouse tray that is installed under the desk is not exactly  It is a little too low for our liking.
Flexible angle adjustment

10. Bush Business Keyboard Tray

Bush Business Keyboard Tray

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You might not have noticed it, but we are at the tenth item in this list of the best ergonomic keyboard tray and yet, the quality levels are consistent as ever! What is so good about this particular keyboard tray?

Well, to begin with, this tray accommodates both keyboard and mouse and can swivel 180 degrees left and right. Then, we also like the range of tilt adjustments devised by the engineers. From -17 to +10, the total range is around 27 degrees.

It might surprise you, but even some of the top brands in this market don’t care much about retractability. Something that the designers of this particular keyboard tray were cognizant of, anyways. We must also take a moment to laud the surface quality of this keyboard. Stuff won’t slip, thanks to that soft-touch surface!

Now, to critically evaluate the product, let us jump to the pros and cons.

Can be moved 15 inches back and forthNeeds stopping mechanisms for the stopping plate
Mounts well on a number of desksNeeds some attention for installation
5’3 height adjustability
Neutral design

11. Stand Steady Clamp On Keyboard Tray

Stand Steady Clamp On Keyboard Tray

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Some of the high-quality keyboard trays still need holes to be drilled before these can be fitted in. However, such is not the case with this particular product under discussion. This keyboard tray from Stand Steady features a clamp-on-storage solution.

This is something that will allow you to move your keyboard tray from one place to another without much fuss. Then, the fact that this isn’t just a keyboard tray adds more value to this commodity. it adds more value to this commodity.

Yes, you read that right. This is a keyboard plus a drawer. Well, that solves your workspace mess issues, right? Also, we want to throw in a word about the elegant design of this keyboard tray. Seamless, shiny, and sleek. That’s three words, we know! But there is more to checkout for you in the pros and cons section.

Not too heavy, unlike some of the competitor keyboard trays in the market.Price a bit towards the higher end of the spectrum
Smooth glide tracksPlastic material
Sturdy commodity
Easy to install

12. VIVO Large Keyboard Tray

VIVO Large Keyboard Tray

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Last in the list but as good as the number one. There are two sizes in which this keyboard tray is available. Large and small of course! This is yet another space-saving species from the keyboard tray genus.

You can stow away all of your accessories into this under desk keyboard tray without caring much for the mess on the top. The market value of this fine product from VIVO is further enhanced by the fact that it features adjustable typing angles.

Hitting the keys was never that easy! Like the previously discussed keyboard tray, this one also doesn’t need you to drill holes. The sturdy C-clamps do the job just fine for you. If we were to place this product on the quality spectrum, this one will be definitely towards the higher end of the spectrum. If you have any doubts, they are sure to be resolved in the pros section!

Necessary tools and screws are provided and delivered with the packageHeight adjustability is not featured. So, you will be stuck typing from one position if you opt for this keyboard tray
Easy assembly and installationWorks well only on straight edges.
Three-year warranty
Neutral design

Top Pick

Well, until now, we have discussed some of the best products in the market. This must have left you wondering about the best in the business, right? Well, in this section of the discussion, we reveal which keyboard tray did we love the most!

Well, without beating about the bush, let us tell you that our personal favorite was the 3M keyboard tray. Why? Well, we are sure that you aren’t bored with all the features which we have discussed already.

But let us just put it out there that the reason why the 3M keyboard tray has our vote of confidence lies in its embedded gel wrist, coupled with a simple yet innovative design. A keyboard tray that solves your space issues minimizes your fatigue quotient, and looks elegant in your workspace area, what else do you want in your keyboard tray!

Factors Which You Must Consider

At this point in the discussion, you should be able to name a few by yourself! But anyway, we are going to recap the most significant features of a quality keyboard tray in the following lines. These are the very features which you should consider when you are out there shopping for the best ergonomic keyboard tray in the market!

1. Flexibility

Make sure that your tray slides in and out of your desk. There are many top quality products available in the market, which do not have the key feature of tractility. Additionally, make sure that there is no considerable friction when you slide the tray. Best to check all these trivial details at the shop before you bring the product home.

In case you are purchasing it online, make sure you do ask for a flexibility factor. Good idea to check the warranty as well!

2. Portability

Imagine a scenario where you have to move from one desk to another in your office. Or, you have to switch rooms. In a situation like this, you are facing the risk of losing your flexible keyboard tray if it is not portable.

While there are many quality products which work fine for many, you might want to think about minimizing the damage that drilling holes and hitting screws with hammers can cause to your pretty wooden table. A table that is riddled with holes isn’t exactly a pretty sight, don’t you agree?

3. Economy

In the end, it is your wallet that decides what you buy. So, the wisest thing to do would be to set a budget right from the start. Then, cataloging all the available products in this range would further simplify the process.

This approach serves two purposes. You are not attracted by too many products that are above and below your budget, and you also learn the art of management!

Best Brands

Now, let us bring into the limelight, some of the best brands in the market of keyboard trays. By no means do we imply by highlighting only some brands that there are no other quality competitors in the market.

Of course, there are but we don’t have enough space and time to discuss all of them. So, here are the three best keyboard tray manufacturers in the market.

1. 3M

In the world of workspace related stationery, 3M is certainly the most reputable brand in the market. Speaking about keyboard trays specifically, the products designed and created by this giant of a brand reflect a lot of creativity and innovation. That makes all the difference in the world, don’t you agree?

2.  VIVO

This is yet another brand that has a special place in the heart of its customers. Two features have been really helpful in promoting VIVO as the brand it is today. These are customer care and quality assurance. The level of consistency in the quality of keyboard trays, for example, is quite remarkable.

3. MOUNT-it

Yet another brand that has made a name for itself by making sure that its keyboard trays increase the comfort levels for customers who put trust in Mount-it. You might have guessed that much from the one Mount-It keyboard tray which we discussed in this discussion earlier.

Certainly, to earn a place in the heart of their customers, brands have to pull stunts of all sorts. And that is exactly what Mount-it has done!


Well, folks, it is time for us to wrap up this rather comprehensive discussion. We have tried to encompass as much as we could, right hand to God! We understand that there is a wide variety for you to select one keyboard tray which would maximize your work comfort levels.

It can get a little tricky, but we are putting our faith in you to select the best one. After all, haven’t we told you enough to make the wisest decision you can? You know the top brands, their product specs, and what features to look for. We daresay, you shall be more than fine!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Ah, but before we sign off, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the keyboard trays. We are sure that this section will resolve some of the queries that have boggled your mind throughout this debate!

Are the keyboard trays different for corner desks and straight edge desks?

Yes, you will have to be careful about this little fact when you are shopping for the best ergonomic keyboard tray. But the product which suits your workspace style!

What is the required thickness level for a 26 inches keyboard dash?

2.1. or anywhere near it. The exact numbers can vary but that is what the average is.

Do the trays lock-in?

This is a question that has subjective answers. As you might have noticed in this discussion as well, some keyboard trays are fixed while the others do feature retractability.

Which keyboard tray color is best for my work surface?

There are personal choices of course, but in our point of view, if your workspace reflects woody shades predominantly, then black would be the color to go with.

Does the mouse pad come with every keyboard tray?

No, it is an accessory offered by some brands only.

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