Top 7 Best Lamps for Headboard | 2021 Reviews (Kira Home)

Are you having difficulties reading with bedside lamps or reading lamps? Then it might be the time to consider illuminating your bed space with a headboard lamp.

Headboard lamps solve a multitude of problems, especially with insufficient lighting and limited space.  You can enjoy ample controlled lighting by simply installing one above or next to your headboard. Moreover, headboard lamps vary in features like their power source, bulb type, and light tone.

Below is a list of some of the top-selling headboards in the market to help you get ready and decide for the best and most suited headboard lamp for you.

Top 7 Best Lamps for Headboard Reviewed

  1. Cambridge 13-inch Swing Arm Wall Lamp by Kira Home – Best Overall
  2. Clip-On Light/ Reading Light by LEPOWER – Best for Budget
  3. Bedside Reading Lamp by Acegoo – Editor’s Choice
  4. Contemporary Wall Lamp Sconce by BHG 
  5. 28 LED Reading Lamp by LVJING 
  6. Rosslyn Rustic Swing Arm Wall Lamps by Barnes and Ivy 
  7. LED Clip-On/Clamp Light by Newhouse Lighting

#1. Cambridge 13-inch Swing Arm Wall Lamp by Kira Home – Best Overall

Cambridge 13-inch Swing Arm Wall Lamp

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  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 13 x 14.5 inches
  • Style: Transitional
  • Color: Black, Beige Paper Shade, 2-pack
  • Shape: Empire
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Wattage: 150 Watts
  • Shade Material: Fabric
  • Light Direction: Up/Down Light
  • Type of Bulb: Incandescent, LED, CFL
  • Number of lights: 1
  • Special Features: Smart Plug Compatible. 3-way Bulb Compatible
  • Switch Style: Plug-In wall switch

This wall lamp’s transitional style features an adjustable swing arm topped with a black finish. Its opaque beige paper shade directs light upwards or downwards, but not through the shade. You can either use a hardwire or a clear plug-in wire concealed in four 12-inch cord covers. Moreover, this lamp is also compatible with a smart plug or a 3-way bulb for adjustable brightness.

You also don’t have to worry about safety as the product is UL-listed for dry locations. You can also use different bulbs, like LED, CFL, or 150W traditional incandescent medium-based bulbs.

This bulb is perfect for lighting any specific areas in the room. You can mount or plug this elegant fixture in several different rooms in your home, but it is ideal to use in your living rooms, foyer, bedroom, office, study room, or hallways. More so, you can have great confidence in purchasing the product as it comes with a 1-year product warranty.

Arms either swing out for reading or stay flushed when not in use.The swing arms can be a little tight to move when you first receive these lamps.
Comes in various lampshades and finish colorsRequires ample space on either side of the headboard
Fairly simple installationCould have better quality shades
Two joints on the lamp
Easy to pull in and out

#2. Clip-On Light/ Reading Light by LEPOWER – Best for Budget

Clip-on light/ Reading light

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  • Weight: 1.06 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 4.53 x 2.95 x 19.88 inches
  • Style: Modern
  • Color: Black
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage: 5 Volts
  • Wattage: 3 Watts
  • Shade Material: N/A
  • Light Direction: Adjustable
  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Number of lights: 1
  • Special Features: Space-Saving, Instant On, Dimmable, Wired, Firm Clip, Goose Neck, Adjustable, Eye-caring
  • Switch Style: 2 cord switches

The Clip-On Light by LEPOWER is a budget-friendly lamp that you can attach to the side, corner, or top of your headboards. Its flexible gooseneck works great for customized lighting placement. This device is small yet useful, as you can easily adjust it to fit on your headboard.

Its 5-feet cord serves to support the clip-on light, yet, at the same, you can enjoy a brightened-up reading spot on your headboard with three options to click on the switch: Warm light, white light, and off. Regarding this, you can use the lamp with a normal 110V household current.

Apart from that, this product is also versatile as you can use it also for your tables, desks, and computers. It also has an adjustable arm and a lamp holder so that you can place your book light for the best viewing of the material.

The lamp’s quality is FCC-listed, so you don’t need to worry about the poor quality for such a low price. More so, it comes with a LEPOWER Warranty for light and quality problems that are good for 12 months.

The clip can expand for over two inches to accommodate thicker headboards.The white light could use more brightness, so you would not find it difficult to use for reading.
Flexible gooseneck for customized lighting placement
The lamp does not take up much space.
Its neck is stiff enough to stay in place.
Two light levels

#3. Bedside Reading Lamp by Acegoo – Editor’s Choice

Bedside Reading Lamp

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  • Weight: 1.05 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 2.4 x 1.65 inches
  • Style: Modern
  • Color: Brushed Nickel
  • Shape: Bullet
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Wattage: 2.5 watts
  • Shade Material: Metallic
  • Light Direction: Adjustable
  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Color temperature: 3000 Kelvin
  • Luminous Flux: 160 Lumen
  • Number of lights: 1
  • Special Features: Dimmable, Flexible Gooseneck
  • Switch Style: Touch

This lamp is ideal for limited spaces in your room, as it only takes up little space with a smooth modern design with a small footprint. It also has a dimmable light that is popular among consumers, and a unique blue LED light.

This little lamp mounts to your headboard and offers a convenient light that does not radiate throughout the whole bedroom. The light also does not overheat, so you won’t get burned when adjusting the light and the neck’s position.

Moreover, this lamp is equipped with a blue nightlight feature and a 3000 Kelvin LED beam to give you a comfortable ambiance for reading at night and reduce eye strain.

It does not disturb your sleeping partner when you try to use it at night, as its narrow beam is sufficient to give you enough light to read a book without needing to light up the whole bedroom.

Minimalism at its best; this lamp gives you a neat space and a comfortable angle that suits your different sitting and laid down postures as you enjoy your peaceful night-reading time.

Built with a flexible gooseneck for easy positioningSome consumers get irritated with the blue LED light.
Provides enough light for readingOnly available in two colors
Small footprint for the lightingConcerns about reliability
Offers a blue nightlight feature
Easy to install

#4. Contemporary Wall Lamp Sconce by BHG

Contemporary Wall Lamp Sconce

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  • Weight: 0.33 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 11 inches
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Color: White, Black / White
  • Shape: Cone
  • Material: Nickel
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Wattage: 40 watts
  • Shade Material: Fabric
  • Light Direction: Adjustable
  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Number of lights: 1
  • Special Features: Corded
  • Luminous Flux: 210 lumens
  • Switch Style: hardwired wall switch

This lamp gives you a pleasant glow over your headboard. Its decorative lights are brought by the candelabra designed white shade. It further adds a touch of contemporary style to your home with its black arm design. Given this, it will look great and classy for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, home office, or nursery rooms.

It’s easy to install, and it doesn’t require much assembly to mount it on your wall. You can easily hang it near your sofa, table, or bed and turn it on and off conveniently using a pull chain. These wall lamps also come with energy-saving bulbs that reduce your bills by about 60 percent and can last up to 5 years.

Moreover, these headboard lamps are relatively inexpensive compared to other market models, yet it gives the biggest offers and discounts. It also comes with a bundle order that keeps customers even more satisfied. With your first purchase, they even offer you an extra bulb for each lamp.

These bedside scones are perfect for hanging on each side of your bed without needing side and accent tables or nightstands. Therefore, you can enjoy reading at a very affordable price.

The lamp has adjustable lamp heads so you can get the right amount of light for reading at night.Although the company promotes that the bulbs last for five years, some users found them burning out earlier.
Hangs easily above your headboardLight needs more brightness.
More attractive than other models
Simple pull chain manipulation
Comes with LED light bulbs

#5. 28 LED Reading Lamp by LVJING

28 LED Reading Lamp

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  • Weight: 9.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 5.91 x 3.82 x 3.15 inches
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Bulb
  • Material: Plastic
  • Voltage: 5 Volts
  • Wattage: 4 watts
  • Shade Material: Plastic
  • Light Direction: Up/Down Light
  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Number of lights: 28
  • Special Features: Nine Light Modes, Eye-Protection, Rechargeable, Instant, High Capacity
  • Switch Style: Touch

LVJING’s Headboard Light is a perfect choice for a lightweight and versatile LED headboard reading light that you can use anywhere.

This lamp has nine different settings that allow you to adjust both the brightness and the light color. You don’t have to worry bout dark rooms as this lamp comes with 28 LED lights that provide you with a brilliant light source.

Moreover, this lamp is portable and easy to operate, and its rechargeable ion battery gives you up to 28 hours of light that you can recharge for about 3 hours.

This gooseneck lamp has an adjustable neck, which you can both twist and bend to the exact position you want for the light. Its sturdy, padded clip stays on any edge without scratching the surface.

Its round shape reduces multiple shadows, while the 3000K to 6000K daylight illumination allows you to view accurate detail and colors. And with its premium light source, enjoy your nighttime reading, family games, and learning without the glaring light that causes eye fatigue and strain.

Includes nine different settingsThe clip may be heavy and only works best for thicker and sturdier books.
Lightweight and VersatileThe switch location may be an issue for some users.
Good brightness levelsSome users complained about short battery life.
Rechargeable battery
Flexible neck

#6. Rosslyn Rustic Swing Arm Wall Lamps by Barnes and Ivy

Rosslyn Rustic Swing Arm Wall Lamps

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  • Weight: 8.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 11 x 7.5 inches
  • Style: Traditional
  • Color: Brown
  • Shape: Empire
  • Material: Resin
  • Voltage: 220 Volts
  • Wattage: 60 Watts
  • Shade Material: Fabric
  • Light Direction: Fixed
  • Type of Bulb: 2 standard 40W bulbs, E26, A19 shape, Incandescent, LED, Halogen Light bulb (dimmable only with dimmable bulbs, each sold separately)
  • Number of lights: 2
  • Special Features: Plug-in Electric
  • Switch Style: Rotary Switch

Each purchase of this product gives you a set of two plug-in style swing arm lamps. Although it does not include a light bulb, each lamp uses one maximum 60-watt standard-medium base with dimmers on lamp sockets to adjust the brightness.

The French country style inspires this model, so it is aesthetically pleasing with a bronze antique finish and Faux leather shades. This design is ideal for the bedroom, study room, and more.

These lamps are fixed lamps, but they are adjustable enough, so its swing-arm design allows you to move and turn the lamps into the desired position for reading.

With all these amazing specs and stylish built, the Rosslyn Swing Arm Rustic Swing Arm Wall Lamps will surely fit and complement any décor.

The dimmer is included in the rotary switch.The included screw fasteners do not hold the lamp off.
Charming bronze antique finished look.The switch makes it difficult to turn the lamp off.
Lined LampshadesAppear crooked when installed
Reasonable pricePoorly made
Easy to install

#7. LED Clip-On/Clamp Light by Newhouse Lighting

LED Clip-On/Clamp Light

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  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Product Dimensions: 4.75 x 2.75 x 4.75 inches
  • Style: Basic
  • Color: Black
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Wattage: 3 watts
  • Shade Material: N/A
  • Light Direction: Fixed
  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Number of lights: 1
  • Special Features: Adjustable
  • Luminous Flux: 300
  • Switch Style: Toggle

The Newhouse Lighting Clamp Light has almost all the best features you are looking for in a headboard reading light. This particular lamp is portable, and it radiates warm, gentle light on a focused area. With this, the Newhouse lamp is best to let you view fine details when reading.

Furthermore, its 300-lumen white warm LED light is enough for you to read in a dimmed-lit environment. Since the light is very soft, there is no need for you to squint or widen your eyes so that you can adjust between pauses when reading.

Aside from the fact that the lamp is equipped with high-quality energy-saving LEDs, which provides you an efficient non-flickering natural warm light, the lamps also have a light diffuser that prevents you from having eye-strains.

Its strong clamps are enough to give you a great amount of versatility, allowing you to use the lamp for many purposes, such as a night light for reading in bed, desk lamp for an office desk, book lamp for a drafting table, and light on the bedside table.

Rest-assured that the LED product is long-lasting. The company offers you a 5-year warranty, so you have the confidence to buy the item without worries of getting than what you spent.

Its clamp possesses suction cups.Not dimmable
Gives off a warm light
Sleek Design

Top Pick – Best Headboard Lamp 2020

Kira Home’s Cambridge 13-inch Swing Arm Wall Lamp comprises two attractive lamps that can be placed perfectly next to your headboard. These lamps blend well with your decoration, and if you mount these lamps at the right place on your headboard, they will surely look great for bedside reading.

These look beautiful, and it saves a good amount of space on your nightstand. What adds more to its aesthetic qualities is that it comes with various shades and finish colors.

You can pull these lamps out or push them back to meet needs, as it is easy to pull in and out. The lamps also last for a very long time and are well-designed with two joints and fairly simple installation.

Plus, you’ll be confident to shop for this product as it comes with a good one-year warranty.

Top Headboard Lamp Brands

Kira Home

Kira Home, also known as Revel, has been in the lighting and home décor industry for more than 14 years. Whether you prefer your style to be modern, traditional, or eclectic, Kira Home provides you the best qualities fit for your needs and style.

They live with strong partnerships and network with their manufacturers, so rest assured that they deliver your orders in a timely manner. Their customer service team comprises highly educated and committed experts who are always ready to assist you and responsibly follow through with your concerns and question for the product.

With a strong support team and excellent service, Kira Home continues to develop and incorporate new products to their collection due to hard work and dedication.


LEPOWER is a professional company that provides environment-friendly, convenient, highly-effective, and high-quality lighting for its customers. With five years of experience and continuous efforts, they are equipped with a professional team and outstanding customer service.

Today, the company is mainly catering to countries like the United States, Europe, and Japan. Inspired by the overwhelmingly positive feedback, LEPOWER strives to offer excellent and competitive-priced products to its customers.


Acegoo is a LED design house that aims to provide customers the best price for the best products. Their unique experience and approach to the engineering and production of LEDs ensure their products and pricing set the standards for competitors in the marketplace.

In relation to this, Acegoo’s products lead the reading lights marketplace setting and are thoroughly tested to approve a fair warranty. Their team of engineers and designers are competent to provide their customers with custom lighting solutions that meet each customer’s project requirements.

Today, they continue to expand their product range due to the market’s demand and client’s requests. With their low-energy consuming LED products, they make sure to incorporate energy-saving features to their solutions to reduce the harmful effects of carbon footprint in the world.

What to Consider When Buying Headboard Lamps (Buyer’s Guide)

Power source

Most headboard lamps usually work with wall plugs, but it might be a concern for you if there are no outlets nearby. You don’t have to worry as headboard lamps can now be utilized, whether you have electrical outlets or don’t.

Today, many headboard lamps are now powered by rechargeable batteries, so you don’t need to plug the lamp to work. However, it’s all about maintenance when you use rechargeable lamps as you need to charge them daily and occasionally have to replace batteries.

Using rechargeable batteries help you save money, but make sure that they are compatible with your headboard lamp.

Type of installation

Headboard lamps may be installed as permanent fixtures drilled and mounted on the walls, or you can opt for a temporary fitting with clips or hooks attached to the headboards and furniture.

Permanent mounting on the wall requires you to have the proper tools to install, ensuring that either has the proper equipment or has someone who can skillfully do the installation.

Although installation can be complicated than hooks or clamps, mounted lamps are more secure. However, if you are only renting for an apartment, it may be better to have a clipped bedside reading lamp than to leave holes on the wall.

Light footprint

The light footprint, which is the area of the light cast by the lamp, is a good factor to consider if you want to have the light on without disturbing your sleeping partner. Concerning this, some headboard lamps have adjustable brightness levels while some lamps allow you to shrink or expand the light beam coming from the lamp.

Light tones

If you plan to relax and prepare yourself for sleeping, a headboard lamp with soothing light tones is what you need. Other than this, some lamps produce light that is in warm, calming colors like orange and red. Others come in bright white tones like blue, allowing your retina to recognize the same stimulus as the daytime sky.

Interestingly, light tones are related to research findings suggesting that different light tones have different effects on your brain, retina, and a person’s sleeping cycles.

Bulb Type

  • Incandescent: These types of bulbs emit soft light that sets the mood for comfortable and relaxing, low-intensity activity, like talking and reading. However, these bulbs are difficult to find and more dangerous as they heat up fast. These bulbs have been around for more than a century now, but they consume a lot of energy and break more easily than other types. It may also be less safe as they can become super-hot when used for a long time.
  • CFL bulbs: Compact fluorescent lights also emit a soft light similar to incandescent bulbs to be a good alternative. These lamps last longer than incandescent lamps and are more energy-saving. Moreover, this requires very careful disposal and handling of the bulbs, as it contains some harmful substances like mercury.
  • LED lights: Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) lights are the top-selling choices in the market due to their exceptional long-life, brightness, and low energy consumption. These lights are more suitable for wider spaces. These light types are responsible for lighting more advanced lamps and 75 percent more efficient than their counterparts. Their light is significantly brighter, so they are fit for smaller gooseneck lamps than lamps that cast light to wider areas.

Other Features to Consider


Headboard lamps have a wide range of adjustability. Lamps with permanent fixture installation have limited adjustability compared to clip-on lamps or those with swing arms, allowing you to extend the light and offer considerable adjustment and flexibility options. If you like to have a more versatile and convenient lamp, consider purchasing adjustable lamps. Concerning this, Gooseneck lamps are more flexible and bend to reach certain angles than swing arm lamps, which can only bend to a certain extent.


Shades come in different shapes and sizes, so you have the option to choose one that matches your style. Classic or ruffled shades blend perfectly with more traditional decoration, while sleek looks complement a contemporary room. On the other hand, the most modern-looking headboard lamps come with no shade to suit a perfectly modern theme.

Switch Style

Just as how different headboard lamps have different shades, the same rule applies to switch styles. Some lamps can be switched on and off using a pull cord, while others have traditional on and off switches. Many lamps come with dials or touch-responsive panel. Other more-advanced lamps are operated using your smartphones.

When you are getting ready for bed after a good read, it’s best to choose the easiest option for turning the lamp. Doing so may also provide you with convenience.


Price can range from 20 dollars and below and may reach at least 100 dollars. Budget-friendly lamps still have the minimum adequate quality even though they cost the minimum. Better-quality lamps have more options for adjustability and cost closer to 40 dollars.

More decorative and high-tech headboard lamps can cost around 50 dollars, while even more advanced models can reach at least 100 dollars.


Headboard lamps are essential to set the perfect ambiance and comfortable mood for your night reading. One important benefit of headboard lamps is that it provides your eyes with maximum care and protects it from strains. These lamps emit a soft light that is safe for your eyes.

These lamps may either attach to your headboard for more accessibility or be permanently mounted on your walls for a more secure fit. Nonetheless, it will always be based on your preference.

Moreover, headboard lamps should be bright enough to illuminate fine details and dim enough not to disturb a sleeping partner. Concerning this, there are important factors that you need to consider when you purchase a lamp.

Although not all headboards are created equally and serving one common function, the best choice will always be relative and according to what style you are going for.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which type of headboard lamp is best for a kids’ room?

A wall-mounted style works best if you plan to stick with your furniture, however, for kids who are fussy about minor details in finding a comfortable position while reading, consider purchasing a clip-on gooseneck style to match their preferences.

Are there any headboard lamps that can be hooked onto electricity inside the wall?

Yes, there are, but these permanent light fixtures tend to be pricier and require a skilled electrician for installation. If possible, it is highly suggested to keep it simple with wall-mounted or clip-on clamps. Both of these are easy for an average person to install and it is even more affordable.

How many watts should a headboard lamp have?

Most lighting experts recommend lights that range from 40 to 60 watts for a nightstand or headboard lamp. This range is an ideal range for activities for the end of the day, like reading and looking at notes. This measurement gives you about 450 to 800 lumens if you’re looking at LED lights. However, if you are 60 years old or older, it is recommended that you purchase a light that is closer to 100 watts or 1,600 lumens for you to see clearly at night.

Which style is better? Sconce-style or gooseneck?

This decision will rely on your needs. Sconce-style lamps emit more light over a larger area and are more preferred for adding a soft glow to the room. These are helpful when reading and looking over notes, and when you need to see a wider area. However, the light could disturb your partner.

Gooseneck lamps are more focused on a targeted area, which allows them to bend to illuminate a small space or a reading material like books. In general, lights that use LEDs tend to shine in only one direction, so their light is even more focused.

Do I need a lampshade?

Apart from serving decorative purposes, lampshades direct light, and keep your eyes safe from direct contact to the bulb. They eliminate glares on reflective surfaces, which can fatigue your eyes and disturb those with retina issues.

Shades that are either white or off-white disperse light from more modern, effective bulbs. You can even find modern-looking lamps with smooth metal, plastic, or fabric shades, so you don’t need to settle for a contemporary room design.

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