Top 7 Best Under Desk Foot Rest | 2021 Reviews + Guide

Your feet deserve to be treated well too. Studies show that it is the most used body part of a human being. It carries your weight daily, and you cannot move from one place to another without it.

It has several nerve endings that can ease the pain of some other areas in your body. Thus, you have to take care of it, too. Apart from having a regular massage, some varieties of the footrest are available online.

This article will guide beginners and users who are uncertain about what footrest to pick. You can use them at home and work. It only takes a few minutes to know more about taking care of your feet.

Top 7 Best Under Desk Foot Rest Reviewed

  1. Office Foot Rest Under Desk by Everlasting Comfort – Best Overall 
  2. 2FTREST-BLK Rest by Mind Reader – Best Value
  3. Adjustable Desk Foot Rest for Added Height by ErgoFoam – Editor’s Choice
  4. Under Desk Foot Rest by AmazonBasics 
  5. Foot Rest Under Desk by HOKEKI 
  6. Adjustable Under Desk Footrest by HUANUO
  7. Foot Rest Under Desk Cushion by 5 Stars United 

#1. Office Foot Rest Under Desk by Everlasting Comfort – Best Overall

Office Foot Rest Under Desk by Everlasting Comfort

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  • Weight: 10.2 ounces
  • Dimension: 17 x 9.5 x 4.75 inches
  • Material Type: Latex-Free
  • Cover: Machine Washable
  • Batteries: None Required
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Working eight to nine hours a day can be tiring. Sometimes, you will be walking a lot, and at other times, you will only remain seated. Whatever your activity on that day, your feet are doing a great job in supporting you always. Thus, Everlasting Comfort made a product that would keep your feet relaxed.

The brand prides itself on two things. Its Office Foot Rest Under Desk is everlasting and comfortable. It went away from the typical half-moon shape of footrests and utilized a teardrop shape instead. This way, you will enjoy resting your feet in a more comfortable position, or turn it over and rock it to keep you awake.

Its pure memory foam does not have any additives. You will enjoy its texture and softness without worrying if it would break easily. It can adapt to your body’s temperature so that it can perfectly balance the foam’s distribution to your feet. You do not need to worry about a slipping cover because it is non-slip, removable, and washable.

How does the brand promise an everlasting comfort? First, you can rely on the footrest to last for years. It is made of reliable products that keep it from deteriorating fast. Second, it has a lifetime warranty. Yes, you read it correctly! Once you find some defects in the product, you can replace it at any time until you get older.

With all the beautiful words written on paper, the price would also not disappoint. It is reasonable enough as it keeps your life a lot better.

Uses teardrop design that you can use as a footrest or a rocking itemToo soft for people with heavier weight
The price is reasonable for the quality.
Covering is machine washable.
Made of pure memory foam
Everlasting warranty

#2. 2FTREST-BLK Rest by Mind Reader – Best Value

2FTREST-BLK Rest by Mind Reader

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  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Dimension: 13.4 x 17 x 4.4 inches
  • Material Care Instruction: Handwash
  • Number of packs: 2

Living a healthy life means taking care of your entire being. You can begin with your body, and you must never forget about your feet. Mind Reader crafted a tool that would make your feet less stressed with its 2FTREST-BLK Rest.

Comfort and convenience are at the heart of Mind Reader’s products. This one particularly impresses anyone who uses it. You can rest your feet comfortably and have a massage with its pebbled surface. It is available in three angles that you can adjust to your preference.

Once you order this product, it comes in two packs. The brand wants to ensure that you can have a footrest in places you spend a lot of time with. You can have one at home and bring the other to your office. The stand has wheels, too, so you can transport it from one place to another without any hassle.

Posture is quite important, even if many neglect it. With this product, you will get a footrest with an adjustable height, massage element, and wheels at an affordable price. You can give this as a gift to your friends, parents, and siblings.

Ergonomic design perfect for your healthNot advisable for people to stand on it
Easier to transport because of the wheelsAdjustable height has a weak grip
Helps in maintaining good postureThe footrest can break easily.
Pebble-surfaced footrest
No need to assemble

#3. Adjustable Desk Foot Rest for Added Height by ErgoFoam – Editor’s Choice

Adjustable Desk Foot Rest for Added Height by ErgoFoam

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  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17.3 x 11.5 x 5.9 inches
  • Body Material: Mesh
  • Cover: Machine Washable
  • Warranty Lifetime

Ergofoam’s Adjustable Desk Foot Rest deserves the third spot on our best footrest items. The brand has thousands of patrons because they never fail to keep the quality at an all-time high. With this adjustable footrest, your height is never a problem.

Some may prefer using memory foam, but this one skipped that part. Instead, the manufacturer ensured that the product is firm but cushiony. It is perfect as a resting space for your feet when days are busy at work. You can adjust its height by adding or removing the block where you can put the foam. Removing the footrest’s mesh is easy to do, and you can wash it in the washing machine.

If you have pets that shed too much hair, you do not have to worry if it gets to your Ergofoam product. Dusting and cleaning it off is not a problem. Like other products with the same shape and functionality, you may also use it as a rocker. It can help stimulate your blood and massage foot areas that are in pain.

More than these things, you can also use it to elevate your legs and your back. If you need some stretching, this device can be helpful because of its firm capacity. You will probably regret not buying this one any sooner. It also comes with a lifetime warranty if in case your first buy becomes torn or defective.

Mesh can be cleaned by machine washing.More expensive price
Lightweight and can be used as a rocker.
Pet-friendly and can dust off fur easily.
Available in different heights
The body is firm and soft.

#4. Under Desk Foot Rest by AmazonBasics

Under Desk Foot Rest by AmazonBasics

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  • Weight: 3.95 pounds
  • Dimension: 15.35 x 11.81 x 3.35 inches

Amazon is trying its best to provide functional products to its customers. The Under Desk Foot Rest is a mixture of positive and negative features. Still, you can go for this product if you are on a tight budget. We shall elaborate more on how this one works.

It is one of the most lightweight footrests in the market. You can bring it anywhere because it is portable. The surface has some mounted shapes that are perfect for massaging your sole. You can do this while working on a desktop project.

Another thing that AmazonBasics promises is its elevation. You can even tilt the pad back and forth whenever you want to stretch or relax your feet’s muscles. If you want to stay in place, a rug or a carpet can be helpful.

This one is not a perfect product, and it lacks in several departments. Unlike other footrests, its height is not adjustable. It remains as is, and it may be less appealing to shorter people. Also, it moves a lot, and the elevating pad has loose screws. It cannot stay in one place without a cloth underneath it, and it would continually swivel.

It would help if you also were mindful as the pad swivels because it might strain your calf. It may not function as you expected it to be, but it does not have an expensive price.

The mounting surface that is great for a foot massageThe swivel feature may cause calf strain.
Ability to elevateCannot lock on the desired position
Affordable priceIt is not firm and breaks easily
Height is not adjustable.
Loose screws

#5. Foot Rest Under Desk by HOKEKI

Foot Rest Under Desk by HOKEKI

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  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Dimensions: 17.7 x 11.6 x 3.8 inches
  • Cover: Machine Washable
  • Color: Black

Hokeki is a Chinese brand that master products for home and office essentials. Of course, it did not miss creating a footrest needed for office employees or stay-at-home parents. Its product, called Foot Rest Under Desk, has some great advantages when used.

It may not have memory foam, but the texture of the footrest is still soft. The quality is enough to support your feet while working, reading, or other things that put you in one place. It is also firm so that it will not annoyingly move from one place to another.

The ergonomic display that this footrest has makes it more reliable and durable. Its height is based on science, and doctors even approve of using it. Circulating your lower body blood flow is essential. Doing so is not impossible with this product. You can even put it on your legs, hips, and neck.

Its velvety cover is removable and washable. Thus, you can keep it clean weakly, for a cleaner and healthier footrest. Also, HOKEKI has a responsible pool of customer care agents who can speak to you if you have problems with the product.

Mesh is washable and removable.Foam is too soft that it cannot relieve foot stress.
Responsive customer care serviceNon-slip capacity is not reliable.
Scientifically approved heightSmaller than advertised
Velvety product coverNo memory foam

#6. Adjustable Under Desk Footrest by HUANUO

Adjustable Under Desk Footrest by HUANUO

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  • Weight: 4.09 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 13.7 x 4.6 inches

Working in the office or at home is less stressful when you have a device that takes care of your posture. HUANUO is another footrest brand that provides effective relief to your body posture. It is a top-selling product because of its premium quality.

It is not an efficient device if it misses the ergonomic capacity of the product. The nice thing about it is it can elevate your lower body and be in line with your hips and back. Also, the height can be adjusted in three levels. Thus, any height is compatible with it.

Having an adjustable angle also makes it an excellent partner in the office. You can stretch your body all the way through while leaning your weight to this product. Its surface has some mounted display that is helpful if you need a light massage to your feet. It is also the reason why your feet will not slip the footrest.

More importantly, the price is budget-friendly. You do not need to spend a lot to find comfort while working. In less than $30, you will get this adjustable footrest.

Adjustable height and angleMay strain the hips and feet as it moves a lot
Massage-textured surfaceDoes not lock in one position
Ergonomic designFlimsy and fragile
Non-slip capacityPad is wobbly

#7. Foot Rest Under Desk Cushion by 5 Stars United

Foot Rest Under Desk Cushion by 5 Stars United

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  • Weight: 1.55 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 7.5 inches

You can buy 5 Stars United footrest in a minimal amount. The company’s goal is to bring comfort to their clients without wasting a lot of money. This Footrest Under Desk can make wonders for your posture and overall disposition.

Sitting in front of your computer has a huge impact on your joints and muscles. That is why you have to stretch at times or sit in a position that you are most comfortable. By using 5 Stars United’s product, your feet can rest easy while you are working. You may also rock it if you struggle to stay awake or to stimulate your body.

Orthopedics approve the use of this product because it helps you relieve body pains. It is not limited to your feet alone. You may also position it on other parts of your body. Thus, it is efficient for all-around use, which makes the price a lot reasonable.

Users who have tried this one already will always say that it is soft and firm. It does not skid the floor, and you will not get uncomfortable for moving too much. Never miss buying this product because it might be a game-changer to your office comfort.

Two-way function for resting and stimulating blood flowCannot handle too much pressure
Smooth texture and feet-friendly
Lightweight and portable
Non-skid to the floor

Top Pick – Best Under Desk Footrest

Again, you must take care of your entire being. You may not think of it a lot, but all your weight is supported by your feet. Taking care of it may also affect your posture and overall disposition.

Certain footrests work differently. Some have softer foams, while others remain firm and harder. Some products have adjustable heights and angles, while others are scientifically proven to circulate blood flow. For us, we find Everlasting Comfort’s brand the best among the rest.

It can cater to all your needs, and you can even use it all over your body. Plus, it promises a lifetime warranty. Thus, a single purchase would lead you to a lifetime supply of a footrest that works perfectly in every department.

Working in the office or staying at home is more fun with this product. You have an avenue to release the pressure around you and work comfortably on a project or paperwork.

A Quick History of Footrests

Footrests are not modern-day inventions. It dates back to ancient times when Egyptians are the most prominent colony in the world. At that time, the footstool is its only variety. It is what the royalties use when fitting on a new pair of shoes.

Back in 3200 AD, they believe that footstools are symbols of the dead souls. It becomes an heirloom from one generation to another because they carve the histories of their family. After years of war and global innovation, footstools became known as footrests. However, some use it as a portable chair that is perfect for travelers.

When the 18th century came, chimneys and fireplaces at home became a thing. Now, people do not only use it to travel, but they also keep many at home. It works as a resting place for gifts during Christmas or places water or other material that its flat surface can accommodate.

Now that we reached the 20th to 21st century, its use expanded. People are now into having an office job during the day, and having a footrest is essential. Manufacturers focused more on its design and function. Footstools and footrests are considered two different products because the latter is solely for relaxing your feet only. Footstools are best for home aesthetics and functionality.

Different brands try their best to develop a perfect footrest for massaging your sole, circulating your blood, and not wobbling or skidding on the floor. From hard-surfaced footrests to soft memory foams, your options are endless.

Indeed, the story of footstools and footrests came from our ancestors. It may not be a generational thing today, but it does attend to modern-day persons’ needs. Doctors even require the use of it for people with joint and muscle problems. The only way for footrests is to move and innovate forward.

Best Under Desk Foot Rest Brand

Everlasting Comfort

What makes Everlasting Comfort brilliant is the truthfulness of the company’s name. Some brands out there promise too many nice things, but the execution is a failure. With this brand, you can enjoy a footrest in the convenience of your homes and the hectic schedule at work.

Their products are some of the best-sellers in Amazon because of the lifetime warranty that the company upholds. More than that, it is an excellent stress-reliever to your foot strains, back pains, and neck pains. Each item’s price tag is not the lowest, but they are still reasonable for the quality you will be getting.

Mind Reader

The brand does not only read minds, but it also values your physical well-being. As a company that features comfortable office and home essentials, you should not miss trying their footrests.

It may not be as soft as others, but you can adjust the height and angle with precision. If you need to do some stretching during your break time, this device can do wonders. Also, it will not bleed your pockets a lot because it is less expensive.

Truly, Mind Reader specializes in making people’s lives more convenient. You can trust that their products are of premium quality because they are results of years of effort.


From its name, you can get that the brand is focused on the usability of the product. They craft footrests that follow guidelines in the ergonomic display. Using this system makes a thing more pleasant for everyday activities.

The best thing about Ergofoams’ products is its pet-friendly quality. They do not break easily, and it is easier to pat the fur of the products away. Thus, you do not need to worry if your hairy pet will come close to your footrest.

You may even get surprised at how affordable their products are despite the convenience they give to users.

Four Benefits of Using Ergonomic Footrest – Buyer’s Guide

If you have not seen anyone at your office who uses a footrest, maybe it is time to start the trend. Picking one with an ergonomic display can bring benefits to your health and overall posture.

1. Increases Productivity Level

Being in a comfortable position will make you feel less stressed. Since footrest allows you to sit in a suitable position, it can boost your positivity towards work. It can boost your focus and keep you away from the distraction of discomfort.

The more tasks you can finish in a day, the better performance you will give to the company.

2. Effects on Posture

Many people have poor posture. Some tend to recline or sit wrongly on their office chairs. Using an effective footrest can send a signal to your body to sit up straight and comfortable. It is most helpful to people who struggle with back and neck pains.

3. Lower Risk of Back Pain Issues

Body pains are other reasons why one’s productivity is affected. Ergonomic designs make sure that you can sit well without adding stress to your back and lower body. Thus, it can prolong an employee’s idle time, which directly relates to the company’s performance.

4. Helps in Circulating Blood Flow

When you are only static, there is a higher chance that your blood and oxygen flow is slower. Cramps may even happen if you fail to move your legs after a long period. Thus, having a footrest can help position your feet to make them flow faster and avoid strains. You may also turn them over and rock them to stimulate focus.


Deciding on what footrest is not hard if you know what you need. Our team of experts laid the best products that you can order online at the best price possible in this article.

Most of them have the same shapes and texture, but they somehow vary on how soft the foam is or how sturdy the build is. A footrest is perfect as a rocking device, foot massager, and resting gadget. The good thing is many manufacturers today create an all-in-one product that is perfect to use at home and work.

As mentioned earlier, we suggest that you pick the under desk footrest from Everlasting Comfort. The brand is true to its name, and you know that they have engineered the item well. Comfort is not the only benefit that this product can give. It can also improve your health and lessen posture issues.

Overall, employees must give their feet some valuable importance. Again, it is the most used body part, and the best thing we can do is to pamper it. One way of doing such is using a footrest where they can relax easily.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to buy a footrest for office use?

Footrests do many things to your body. For some, they must skip because it is only an added cost to their lives. However, if you want to value your overall being, footrests have several benefits.

The comfort you give you can increase your productivity, improve your posture, and lessen your back and neck pains. It is not only for office use because it is perfect for stay-at-home parents and students, too! Some of them only require you to buy a product once.

What is the first thing that I must check for a footrest?

To make the best out of the footrest’s price, check its functionality. It is best to buy an all-in-one product because it gives more benefits than those for resting purposes only. There are covered footrests in the market with soft cushions. If you want to go with adjustable angles, some of them come in a massaging surface.

Check the product descriptions all the time. Some get shocked when they find out that the product is small. If it does not have any specifications, try to check others with better details.

How does a footrest help the circulation of blood and oxygen in my body?

There are many products today recommended by physicians to improve posture and health. One of them is by using any footrests with ergonomic design. It can help boost your body flow because it is designed to tilt your body in the most comfortable position.

Some think that they cannot see the benefits of the product. However, wait until a patient who has some bone or muscle problems use them. You will notice that their mobility becomes better, and they can move faster in a comfortable position.

It is the magic that under desk footrests do.

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